National Education Technology Plan

I finally had a couple of minutes to scan the National Education Technology Plan released by the US DoE OET (love the acronym salad) at

In brief, the take away I get from the suggestions and talking points in the plan are:

  • The plan refers to students as “networked learners.”
  • It suggests that “teachers create career-long personal learning networks”
  • States that “Professional development should be replaced by professional learning that is collaborative coherent and continuous.”
  • It says “Learning must be lifelong, life-wide, and available on demand.”
  • Describes a condition in which “…every student and educator has at least one Internet access device…”

This sounds like it could have been written by the members of my Professional Learning Network (PLN).  Could it be that some people in Washington are actually paying attention to the world around them and the voices that have been saying these things for years?  There’s quite a bit more to digest, and it’s nice to see some modicum of progress on transforming education in the US through technology integration.



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National Education Technology Plan

by Ron Houtman time to read: 1 min