eDays instead of snow days? It’s easy.

NPR has a story about the Mississinawa Valley School District in Ohio using eDays (electronic days for virtual attendance in school) part of the standard operating procedure for when school is ‘canceled’ due to unsafe driving conditions after a snowfall.

What does it take to do this?  It’s actually pretty easy:

The will and leadership to make it happen.
A place to house your lessons – like Moodle, a wiki, a blog.
Screencasting software like Jing or Camtasia studio for prerecorded instruction.

Are you going to reach all of you kids this way?  What about those without computer/internet access?

I usually answer this by asking a question back -Should you NOT do it because ALL kids are not able to attend?  What about we think first of reaching as many kids as possible, and stop thinking that the glass is half empty.  It’s 2011 – we can do this.

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eDays instead of snow days? It’s easy.

by Ron Houtman time to read: 1 min