Thoughts on Learning to Learn

Dean Shareski, at his Ideas and Thoughts blog, posted a very compelling video of Shelly Wright and her thoughts on changing her method from teaching her students to facilitating them in her classroom.

For the past few years, I too, have had the same thoughts creating the inquiry-driven versus lecture-based classroom that for the most part is the de facto delivery method of today. Very interesting in the reflection of Shelly are the statements about our students and their mindset that teachers are there to provide the right answer so you can pass a test.

Basically, school for many students is a transactional experience. They memorize some facts and figures, get a test that measures factual recall, get a score, and then wash-rinse-repeat for 13 years (and into college too).

The change from school as a transactional environment to a place where kids learn how to learn is for so many a steep departure of the ingrained culture they have been both brought up in and now work. I appreciate when people like Dean spend the time to create these vignettes to help both explain and show educators that there is a better way.

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Thoughts on Learning to Learn

by Ron Houtman time to read: 1 min