LMS Workflow–Does this exist?

I’ve used and taught with quite a few Learning Management Systems (LMS) over the years – WebCT, Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, Angel, Canvas – and wonder why I’ve not yet seen a workflow model that allows the facilitator of the course to do some sort of round-trip grading without having to download documents and other artifacts to the local machine.

This is what I would like to do: (a) Create the assignment and accompanying rubric, (b) assign it to the learners via the LMS, (c) students view the assignment, (d) students complete and upload their response, (e) the facilitator gets a notification of the submission, (f) the system renders all of the uploaded artifacts in the browser.

imageAt this point, the facilitator can add annotations to the learners work as overlaid comments – and these overlaid comments become part of the feedback for the student. 

The only thing I have found that allows this sort of ability is the web application from Crocodoc.  With Crocodoc you can add highlights, draw objects and add comments to a students uploaded work. 

Now, how can we get something like this to be built as part of the document handling system in an LMS? 

In addition, the rubric for this assignment would appear as an overlay or popup window.  This would allow the facilitator to assess the work while they are viewing and making comments on the student work.  Once all of the comments have been recorded and the rubric filled in, the facilitator submits the assignment to the LMS.  The LMS then records the grade and notifies the learner that they can view their assignment.

lmsworkflowAll of the feedback given by the facilitator is presented to the learner as layer that can be toggled on and off.  The learner could then use that feedback to inform their learning for the future.

Here’s a rough idea of the workflow in a swim lane chart.  I wonder – does this sort of thing exist in an LMS somewhere that I don’t know about?  If someone builds it, I’m sure it will make quite a few people happy.

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LMS Workflow–Does this exist?

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