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I love the Flickr, but alas, my district does not, and I understand why. Part of the The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) says that a school that wishes to be eligible of eRate...

Motivation via Music 0

Motivation via Music

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has seven peppy tunes from a 1960s LP designed to perk up employees… I wonder if I can use these on my students… hmmm.

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Thing 6 is all about using photo sharing sites as part of your professional practice. I decided to use one of my own:I live about 5 minutes from the Frederick Meijer Garden and Sculpture...

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I posted a comment at RESA’s 23 Things about RSS feeds and readers and how using RSS is way more than just a ‘favorites’ list. The way i think about RSS readers is like...

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One of the very cool things about students using blogs is that it gives them a voice that may have otherwise not have been heard. Some posts about Thing 3 at the RESA 23Things...

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I’ve had a go at blogging several times, but usually gave up, because other ‘things’ came along. In prior attempts, I had my own domain name, and installed WordPress or something similar on my...

The Big Shift 0

The Big Shift

Sheryl, at the 21st Century Learning blog presented 9 awesome principles for the implementation of educational technology. It gets even better after beginning with this statement: Principles for Managing Change Long-term transformational change has...

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Thing 1

The thing about Thing 1 that is most poignant, is that change is happening so rapidly and the world that we are sending our students into is as well. The problem is – the...

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We Think

Scott Mcleod at Dangerously Irrelevant posted this awesome video from Charles Leadbeater, author of We Think: The Power of Mass Creativity. I’m going to have to borrow this one for an upcoming presentation. It...