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Behind the column 0

Behind the column

Behind the column, originally uploaded by Storybook Rabbit. What a great observation from ‘Storybrook Rabbit’. Makes you think about having an LCD projector and a computer tablet a bit more.

The start of the journey 0

The start of the journey

This morning, I woke up a bit earlier than usual (4:44AM!) to make sure everything was in order before heading to GRR for my trip to #NECC. Everything went pretty well… until I faced...

EduBloggerCon from Home 0

EduBloggerCon from Home

I’m not able to attend EduBloggerCon in DC (and will be at NECC on Sunday)… but I can from the comfort of my well connected computer-cave. I’m absolutely blown away by the advance in...



Scott McLeod at Dangerourously Irrelevent posts something dear to my heart – the act of walking out on presentations that are less than engaging. We have all been there… the presenter is reading a...

Can you hear me now?!?!? 0

Can you hear me now?!?!?

More and more as I present to groups, I am finding that the audio in my company provided HP laptop is not as room filling as it should.    Recently our A/V technician showed me...

Wheeee – I processed 1.6GB of Information Today! 0

Wheeee – I processed 1.6GB of Information Today!

According to an article via the WSJ, most ‘information workers’ make their way through 1.6GB of information every day.   All I can say is: Oh – and learn about RSS feed readers.

Twenty TEDs for Administrators 0

Twenty TEDs for Administrators

Scott McLeod over at Dangerously Irrelevant did some digging around and found some great TED talks to share with your school administrators. I like the idea of handing a school leader an MP3 player...

Educational Podcasting in Woodland Park Colorado 1

Educational Podcasting in Woodland Park Colorado

I think they’re on to something! I think I have been preaching that what these teachers are doing works to my collegues for a coupe of years. I’m starting to see more and more...

Personality Matters 0

Personality Matters

Lisa Lane, over at her online teaching blog, pointed to a study in Management Science article/study about how people process information while attending a face-to-face versus an on-line meeting. The study reports that: …people...