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Social Networking is… educational 0

Social Networking is… educational

Christine Greenhow, a research associate at the University of Minnesota released a study that says social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo offer educational benefits to students. After all the noise in we often...

I use email. I am ‘old people’ 0

I use email. I am ‘old people’

I look forward to reading the trend analysis reports of technology use of tweens and teens by GenDigital – except when it makes me feel old. The report results are from March 2008, but...

Wiimote Hacking 0

Wiimote Hacking

After reading about Johnny Chung’s Wiimote Whiteboard project, I simply HAD to build one. During the last few days of school this year, my students and I tore apart a few old TV remotes,...

I’m Here for the Learning Revolution 0

I’m Here for the Learning Revolution

The winner of the NECC “I’m Here for the Learning Revolution” button contest is Bill Moseley. I really like the message and the graphic… time to get a mug made.

Cyberbullying 0


You will have one or more of these kids in your classroom. Take a look at this UK-based cyberbulling video. Important stuff to address, especially in the early days of the school year.

Change the world with learning games 1

Change the world with learning games

Jeff Cobb at the Mission to Learn blog, posted a great list of learning games. All of the games and simulations have the mission of exposing learners to some of the critical problems that...

Rubik’s cat 0

Rubik’s cat

Dumpr is a web-based photo editor that adds quick effects to photos like poor Rubrik Nepeta which took all of about 10 seconds to create. Upload photos to Dumpr from your computer, or grab...

Google Earth and Maps 1

Google Earth and Maps

I have been using Google Earth and Google maps in my teaching and learning practice for quite some time, and wanted to share an awesome website. Google Maps Mania is a blog started by...

Historical Stumble 0

Historical Stumble

While stumbling around the net – I found a nice addition to my bookmark list. C-SPAN Classroom has tons of free resources for civics and government teachers. They also have unrestricted use of video...