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The Final Thing 1

The Final Thing

The Final Thing (or Thing 23) is a reflection on the past 10-weeks. One thing I will take away from the blogging and discovering is that if one does not understand and embrace the...

Thing 21 – A Series of Tubes 0

Thing 21 – A Series of Tubes

What do you like or dislike about YouTube? Did you find videos that would be useful for teaching and learning? Is YouTube banned in your building? YouTube, if nothing else, is an Internet phenomena....

Thing 20 – RSS Revisit 0

Thing 20 – RSS Revisit

Reflecting on RSS – I don’t think I would be near as effective at keeping up with the news and technology ‘stuff’ I need to do my job without them. My browser homepage is...

Technology replacing teachers? 0

Technology replacing teachers?

In an online PLC (Professional Learning Community), a discussion thread about technology use by teachers popped up and the thought that if so much technology ends up in the classroom, then teachers might be...

Thing 19 – Mmmmm! 2

Thing 19 – Mmmmm!

I have been using for quite some time now and have found it to be one of my most used web applications. The ability to access my bookmarks from any browser increases my...

Thing 18 – Tagging Folksonomy,and Social Bookmarking 0

Thing 18 – Tagging Folksonomy,and Social Bookmarking

Using tags, or as it’s know on the net – folksonomies – is very helpful in locating information. I am constantly using tagging on my own personal computer for example. In MS Vista, you...

What school should be like 0

What school should be like

Harrison Central High School: A Commitment to High TechSophisticated electronic gadgets such as probes and global-positioning-system devices catch students’ interest.

Increasing Student Achievement Using Technology 0

Increasing Student Achievement Using Technology

Here’s a story about something that I have known about intuitively for quite some time: Student achievement is not impacted through the use of technology in their classroom UNLESS teachers are taught how to...

Thing 17 – Slideshare 0

Thing 17 – Slideshare

Of all the tools out there, I have found that Slideshare is one of the most useful. I love being able to upload my slide deck to Slideshare so I can use it anywhere...