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Thing 17 – Slideshare 0

Thing 17 – Slideshare

Of all the tools out there, I have found that Slideshare is one of the most useful. I love being able to upload my slide deck to Slideshare so I can use it anywhere...

Thing 16 – More on Cloud Computing 0

Thing 16 – More on Cloud Computing

Thing 16 is about online productivity tools. As I posted in the Thing 15 entry, we are seeing new ways to increase our ability to collaborate and increase our effectiveness every day. The

Thing 15 – Google Docs 1

Thing 15 – Google Docs

Microsoft is getting nervous about all of this ‘cloud computing’, and thing like Google Docs,, and the like. People won’t need to buy MS Office anymore for simple word processing, presentations, spreadsheets and...

Thing 14 – Podcasting 0

Thing 14 – Podcasting

The 14th Thing is a reflection on podcasting as a consumer or producer. I am already both of them. I have quite a few podcasts I listen to on a regular basis while doing...

Acceptable Use Resource 1

Acceptable Use Resource

School leaders today are grappling with the issue of technology use within their schools. As our customers (students) bring more and more technology to school, and expect to use tech in their learning, we...

I have to learn more about Google Motion Charts 0

I have to learn more about Google Motion Charts

Last year Google acquired a company called Trendalyzer, and I’m sure that most of the programmers joined Google (because they have free M&M’s). In the last few weeks Google seems to have implemented the...

Feed me! 0

Feed me!

As I continue my search to be the most effective infovore I can, I stumbled across an awesome way to keep track of content on websites you wish to monitor. The cool thing is...

Growing up digital 0

Growing up digital

I found a great survey via The Joan Ganz Cooney Center and the disconnect that many adults (or parents) describe when surveyed about digital technology and media use in their children’s lives. Download a...

Thing 13 – More Podcasts 0

Thing 13 – More Podcasts

I just added another podcast (or ‘netcast‘) to my playlist: Cranky Geeks with John C. Dvorak. I kept forgetting that I wanted to catch his show, and Thing 13 reminded me to go get...

Learning to change 0

Learning to change

Here’s another video that I will be adding to my toolbox. I am finding more and more that these short videos can say more than a single person standing in front of a group....