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Thing12 – Podcasts 0

Thing12 – Podcasts

As I posted on the 23 Things blog, I am a large consumer of podcasts. I have a pretty wide variety of ‘stuff’ I listen to on a regular basis, but to the point...

Blocking the future 1

Blocking the future

Scott McLeod has an important article posted at the American Association of School Administrators site titled “Blocking the Future“ This part caught my eye: [S]chool district leaders have a critical choice to make: Will...

Thing11 – WIKI WIKI WIKI (Again) 2

Thing11 – WIKI WIKI WIKI (Again)

Thing 11 would like a link to a self-created wiki. Hmmm, which one to choose… I maintain about 5 of them on wikispaces, but each is open by invite only to keep the riff-raff...

Thing10 – WIKI WIKI WIKI 0


Thing 10 is a reflection on wiki’s, their uses and hurdles of adoption and use. I really do not see any downside in the use of wiki’s in an educational environment. What better way...

Thing9 – Online Image Generator 1

Thing9 – Online Image Generator

My job is to keep my students engaged… and sometimes, using comedy within my presentations are the little crests of the wave that get them from one topic to the next. Using image generators...

Thing8 – Flickr Tools 1

Thing8 – Flickr Tools

After playing around in Flickr a bit, and with some of the fun AJAX tools online, I’m thinking I could use a few more picture/photos in my daily classroom practice. I already use quite...

Thing7 1


I love the Flickr, but alas, my district does not, and I understand why. Part of the The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) says that a school that wishes to be eligible of eRate...

Motivation via Music 0

Motivation via Music

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has seven peppy tunes from a 1960s LP designed to perk up employees… I wonder if I can use these on my students… hmmm.

Thing6 2


Thing 6 is all about using photo sharing sites as part of your professional practice. I decided to use one of my own:I live about 5 minutes from the Frederick Meijer Garden and Sculpture...

Thing4 0


I posted a comment at RESA’s 23 Things about RSS feeds and readers and how using RSS is way more than just a ‘favorites’ list. The way i think about RSS readers is like...