Which side is up? Making USB more fun in the dark.

I know this has happened to you:  You need to plug in a USB cable into your computer under the desk and it won’t fit.  You keep trying because your lizard brain says – SQUARE PLUG + SQUARE SOCKET = MUST FIT!  Then, just as you are ready to make it fit, your logical brain takes over and you flip the plug over, try again, voila! It works!

Yeah – that’s a bit more drama than it really is, but there’s a point to all this.  One day while just about ready to hurl the external hard drive, I remembered that I had a wonderful Metallic Silver Sharpie.

Here’s what I did to make life easier, and you can too.  On your various USB cables, simply color in the USB symbol or just color in the whole top of the plug.

As you try and insert the USB cable, just keep the high contrast side up and things work nicely.  Even in the dark, cobweb infested areas under your desk, the silver reflects enough to help you tell up from down.

So – which one of these plug do you think is easier to make things work the first time?  

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Which side is up? Making USB more fun in the dark.

by Ron Houtman time to read: 1 min