Intel Oasis – Could this be the next step of interactive learning?

Intel Lab’s Oasis (Object-Aware Situated Interactive System) project  looks like an interesting foray into interactive desktop simulations that might give us a glimpse into another way that students might engage with real world objects and simulation.

The Oasis uses a Microsoft Kinect-style camera that has the ability to recognize 3D objects on a surface and then a LCD projector adds graphic representations and adds interactivity.

From the video, you will see that when a dragon is placed near the house, the dragon will breathe fire and light it on fire.  Then add a  firetruck in and it puts out the fire.

Intel Labs hasn’t indicated that they are bringing any of this to market right away or at all, however, ideas like this might show us a possibility of using a system like this for students in the classroom  to use cause and effect simulation to enhance their learning and understanding of key concepts and ideas.

I could even see this as a way to do formative assessments in which students have to demonstrate creativity and problem solving using mediated reality objects – as in this system.

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Intel Oasis – Could this be the next step of interactive learning?

by Ron Houtman time to read: 1 min