Keeping secrets in your Dropbox

Recently a teacher asked how on Earth I kept track of all the passwords and logins I use.  My answer: LockNote + Dropbox.

LockNote (Windows only) is a free and awesome standalone notepad application that encrypts text into an executable file. Steganos of Germany has long offered Locknote for free and the tiny (268KB) file and can live on your USB flashdrive or in my case, on Dropbox.

Download the LockNote.exe file and launch it. Type the text you want to protect, perhaps your passwords, usernames, credit card accounts, and when you exit the application, LockNote prompts you to set a password.  The only downside to this utility is that it’s a Windows program, so if you bounce from Windows to Mac like I do, you are out of luck sometimes, but for me Locknote has been a great way to keep my stuff safe and access it when needed from anywhere.

If you are looking for other options – you might look at KeePass Password Safe (Windows).

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Keeping secrets in your Dropbox

by Ron Houtman time to read: 1 min