Fast Tweetdeck Filtering to Help with Signal to Noise Ratio

3-4-2011 7-43-54 PMTweetdeck is probably the best Twitter desktop clients and you can make it even better using quick filters.   In a fast moving event, a single tweet might get retweeted (RTd) numerous times, which can make your reading experience a bit cluttered.  Those RTs keep bubbling to the surface, and you might miss other important messages in the stream.

Tweetdeck has a nice filter feature located at the bottom of each column.  If you want to exclude retweets, click the Filter This Colum icon, select Text from the list of filter types, select the minus sign and then put the text RT in the box.

Beyond filtering things in the columns, you can also set a global filter to remove things you wish not see anymore in any of your twitter streams.   To set global filters, click the settings icon in the top right of the screen (the little wrench) and navigate to Global Filters.  In the filter updates dialogue, you can filter out people, words, hashtags, or stuff from sources like Facebook.3-4-2011 7-53-34 PM

By using a few filters, you can certainly fix the signal to noise ration, especially if you follow quite a few people or are following a fast moving event.

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Fast Tweetdeck Filtering to Help with Signal to Noise Ratio

by Ron Houtman time to read: 1 min