NTAC Annual Conference Opening Keynote with Dennis Littky

New Tech Annual Conference July 17

Some great thoughts and wonderings form the New Tech Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan #NTAC12

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Instead of trying to summarize the keynote speaker, Dennis Littky of Big Picture Learning, I thought I’d let the Tweets run down the high points of his talk:
We started out with an interesting question
Via @Dennis_littky "What one word would most students describe their school experience?". We all knew the answer. #ntac12Ron Houtman
Yes – you guessed it, just as all of us did: boring.  Then,
"If we didn’t know anything about school, what would school look like?" @dennis_littky #NTAC12Sarah Field
It would look like a place that valued great facilitation,instilling the love of learning into our students and taking risks in how to ‘do school’:
@Dennis_Littky – "If you are not standing on the edge, you are taking up too much space." #ntac12Ron Houtman
DL: All schools should be about this:
Don’t just let kids follow someone around, get them doing something MEANINGFUL! As freshman! @Dennis_littky #NTAC12Jason Schackow
@dennis_littky Deeper learning can be about fixing self in context of subject… Some cases to heal. #NTAC12Adam Babcock
@dennis_littky-Incredibly powerful story on how vietnam project helped heal. Awesome students learn about themselves as they learn. #NTAC12Kenneth Olson
DL talks quite a bit about trusting our kids.  We need to set the bar high, hold them accountable for their actions, but still ensure we are trusting them to do the right things:
@dennis_littky At #ntac12 – we really need to trust out students.. Not just say we do. Prove it and demonstrate it.Ron Houtman
I love this idea too:
@dennis_littky "First day of school ask kids, what makes you mad, then challenge them to fix it" #NTAC12 Great idea to engage kids.Kenneth Olson
Teaching is about chipping away, discovering the amazing person hidden inside. @Dennis_Littky #ntac12 http://pic.twitter.com/PHjmcI1vSarah Field
Oh – he’s got some nice shoes too.
Wanting @Dennis_Littky’s shoes sooooo bad! #ntac12 http://pic.twitter.com/QaXqQgwtSarah Field

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NTAC Annual Conference Opening Keynote with Dennis Littky

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