NTAC Session Reflection for July 17

I attended several sessions today – and here are some thoughts on each:

A Framework for Supporting Deep Learning Instruction – Kevin Gant, New Tech Network.

In this session, we talked quite a bit about how to get out learners to engage in critical thinking about the ideas that underpin a project, rather than thinking only about the end product.

Kevin was very good at laying out a model hat may be implemented. He described that PBL is very good at the vertical tasks (Explore-Desire-Apply) because projects often motivate exploration by an engaging entry event, and a structured roll out process.   In addition, projects often motivate application of the ideas through having a product to work toward, and  a rubric to help describe the work.

The more difficult issues deal with the horizontal tasks (Reflection-Desire-Analysis) on the part of the student.  Kevin talked about how students often won’t analyze spontaneously.

This can be motivated by rich and challenging questions, and the facilitator should think carefully about how to structure conversations and activities that allow for careful examination of ideas.

The big takeaways for this session were the questions that one should keep in mind when developing PBL modules:

–What will your students do to EXPLORE?
–How will your students ANALYZE?   How will you help them with this?
–How will your students APPLY?  In what ways?
–How will your students REFLECT?
–What will you do to help MOTIVATE all of this?

Blend your PLC!: Using NTN eLearning Modules to Support Shared Professional Growth – Sarah Field, New Tech Network

Live from NTAC12, it’s #PBLChat – Theresa Shafer, New Tech Network



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NTAC Session Reflection for July 17

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