Software for my Mac? Software for my Windows PC?

I’m often asked by friends and colleagues this question: Where do I find an application to do ______ on my (Mac / Windows PC)?  I’ll make this short and to the point.  If you have a Mac, go to MacUpdate.  If you have a Windows PC, head on over to FileHippo.

One thing that isn’t to apparent at MacUpdate is how to find software of a particular genre. Wen you arrive, just make sure to click the filter box and you can then start drilling down into what you are looking for.


If you are running a Windows PC, then the best place to head is FileHippo – it has a funny name, but has great software, all organized better than what you will find at MacUpdate.  SNAGHTML1be907OK that’s it, have fun with your newfound collection of stuff.

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Software for my Mac? Software for my Windows PC?

by Ron Houtman time to read: 1 min