Loop Educational Videos Until You Get It with StepUp.io


StepUp.io, is a London, UK based educational technology edtech startup and has created a very interesting application. This cool tool allows you to cut educational videos into bite sized chunks that can then be watched at an individual pace or repeated as many times until the content or task has been mastered.  One of the immediate uses you will see in the many sample videos is learning how to play a musical instrument, or for language learning.

The stepboard on the right of the interface allows you to choose a video segment and have it repeat until you either master the content, or would like to skip to something else to try out.  Overall, I see this is a great platform for self-directed learners, and those how might use educative video to help learn a certain skill or task.

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  1. Makoto says:

    Hi, Ron.

    I am the creator of StepUp.io. Thank you so much for the blog article. One of the benefits of using StepUp.io is that anyone can turn any videos into an learning app. Please have a try with our video editor to add a video you are keen to learn/teach. Looking forward to see what kind of video you will be adding.



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Loop Educational Videos Until You Get It with StepUp.io

by Ron Houtman time to read: 1 min