New Flashcard Application On The Block – CardKiwi

Quite often people ask me which flash card site or application I like, and my go to answer is usually Quizlet.  I’m always open to trying new sites and apps that might offer the same or better function, and this week, I stumbled upon CardKiwi.

Where Quizlet has quite a few methods by which you can use your card decks, CardKiwi has few options – and that’s what might make it a good pick if you need a straightforward set of cards.  An interesting feature in CardKiwi is the ability to indicate whether you understand, kind of understand or don’t understand the concept on your car.  You indicate those choices through a thumbs up, sideways and down button.


In addition, CardKiwi has the ability to import cards based on an ISBN of a book you are studying.  I wasn’t able to find that it pre-populated any cards for me, but I might of been using an ISBN that no else has created card for.

You can also share your card with other’s with a short link.  Form my short time with it, I’d say it’s a good application to add to your repertoire of quality flashcard sites.


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New Flashcard Application On The Block – CardKiwi

by Ron Houtman time to read: 1 min