Rubrics help your learners build speaking and presentation skills

A few weeks back, I had a conversation with an elementary teacher about the types of feedback he could give to better let his learners know how they were doing on their presentations. This discussion led into how important the ability to stand in front of people and talk is to long-term success both in school and in the workplace.  We talked a bit about how the students at that age don’t quite know what elements of a presentation are important, so providing them a framework will help them think about and work on those skills. In addition to the framework, we thought it was important for student to self-assess, or predict, their level of proficiency before they did their presentation.  Enter the rubric.

One of the better resources for pre-created rubrics (and much more) I’ve found for students is at the Buck Institute for Education or BIE.  They provide a plethora of resources around Project Based Learning that can be adopted into your general and special education classrooms.  The K-2 rubric is a great entry-level document to help your learners understand what elements they need to include or demonstrate.   To download any of the documents, you will need first to create a free login.

K-2 Presentation Rubric


3-5 Presentation Rubric 

6-8 Presentation Rubric

9-12 Presentation Rubric


Additional Rubric Sites and Resources – RubistarRubrics from UW StoutRubrics from teAchnologyRecipes for SuccessKathy Schrock’s Rubric Collection

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Rubrics help your learners build speaking and presentation skills

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