Redacted! A cool font for doing mockups

When I’m out doing the educational technologist thing, I always make sure I’m prepared with concrete examples of each of the tools that I might demonstrate.  Without something to look at, an exemplar if you will, it’s hard for some to grasp just what you are attempting to explain.  image

I like to use text when I create examples, but in some cases, the text just gets in the way and makes what you are showing a bit too distracting.  I’m all about reducing the cognitive load on the learner. 

In the past, I’ve used website like the Lorem Ipsum generator to create many paragraphs of filler text, but I’ve discovered another way to fill the page with text and simultaneously reduce the distraction of text, even if it is just lorem ipsum-ese.

Take a look at this Git Hub repository from Christian Naths.  He’s released an interesting font set called Redacted in several installable .TTF files, to include regular, and three weights of script.

The next time you are creating a mockup, or an example, give the font a whirl and see what you think.  

Downloadable .TTFs – and how to install fonts on Windows and Mac

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Redacted! A cool font for doing mockups

by Ron Houtman time to read: 1 min